Wild Irish Rose

The wild Irish rose is one of the most fragrant and gorgeous of all roses. In many gardens throughout the United States it is the first choice for rose planting, as well as the most difficult to find. There are a few good reasons why the wild Irish rose is so hard to find. Wild Irish roses were decimated by the horticulturalists of the 1800s due to a lack of hybridization, and therefore only a few varieties of this rose remain.

The wild Irish rose has gray, lavender or pink blossoms. These flowers have grown wild in Ireland and they have adapted to its environment. If you do not care for your wild rose plant, then you may find that you have destroyed a rare species. However, if you want a wild rose with the same magnificent beauty as the wild roses you can grow them yourself at home.

You can grow wild Irish rose bushes or you can buy wild Irish rose seeds or cuttings. When growing your own wild roses, you should make sure that they receive a lot of sunlight, but you also need to watch them carefully so that they do not become over-watered. Irish moss will provide moisture to the roots of your wild rose bushes, but you will need to water your plants well during hot dry days. If your wild roses become too dry, the root system will fail and the rose plant will not produce new blooms. You should ensure that your wild rose bushes receive enough water, but do not drown them.

When you are looking to purchase wild roses or seedlings, you have many choices. Many gardeners like to start with wild roses sold at local nurseries, but you may find that you cannot locate them in your area. There are many reputable nursery-based flower shops that carry a large selection of wild roses. You can also grow wild roses yourself by purchasing a wild rose kit or a wild rose book that contains all of the information and instructions you will need.

The wild Irish rose is beautiful to look at, and they make excellent houseplants, both inside and out. They add charm and color to any room, and they can even be used for decoration during the holidays. When purchasing wild roses, make sure that they are healthy. A wild Irish rose that has been sitting on the garden soil for years may not have the best possible soil. Make sure that you choose a reputable dealer when purchasing your wild rose seeds or plant.

Whether you choose wild roses to fill in your garden or you grow wild rose bushes to provide blooms on your patio, you will enjoy the beauty of these plants. Their wild colors will add elegance to any room, and their scent adds to the romance of the garden. If you grow wild roses, you will be able to take pride in the gorgeous specimens that you have brought into your life.

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