Wild Smash

If you’ve been paying attention to the competitive scene of the Wii, or other gaming systems like Xbox and PlayStation, you may have heard of Wild Smash. A new game coming out on Nintendo’s platform, Wild Smash is a high octane brawler that puts you in the center of a never-ending world of combat. Here we want to take a quick look at this unique game, and where it could see some success down the road.

Unlike most fighters in other types of fighting games, Wild Smash is not a fighter who has special moves or anything like that. You are instead, a professional in a world of MMA style fighting competitions. Each round will last a certain amount of time, during which your target foe can act and perform any actions that they wish. The concept is rather simple – there are several different stances currently available for your target foe to take, and you must utilize those stances to best attack your opponent. While this might sound simplistic, in reality it creates quite a bit of depth for you to explore.

For example, there are two basic stances that your target can take. These are the front and back stances. When you are fighting in the game, you will want to take advantage of each to strike your opponent from an advantageous position. When taking damage, you will want to retreat to the back to regroup, and when you are standing still you should try to strike out at your target from a comfortable position.

During fights, a typical match lasts five seconds. This is the time allowed for the match to actually begin. If you or your opponent does not attack for five seconds, the clock will continue to run. However, once the five seconds are up you can now begin to strike your opponent with a variety of attacks and weapons from anywhere on the screen.

Wild Smash features two unique characters you can play as. Each character has a specific set of strengths, weaknesses, and weapons. The overall goal is to eliminate all of your opponents before the five seconds expires. The characters are named Meat Boy and Princess Koopa, and they are featured in the game’s intro. The two have completely opposite skills and attributes, but they work well together to form the perfect fighter team. You can purchase their weapons through the game and learn how to use them during the tutorial.

From the beginning of the game you can see some of your other fighters, and they are unlockable as you progress through the game. You can also spend a little extra time in training mode to improve your fighter’s stats, and gain access to special items and powers. Although the action is fast paced, it is not too challenging. In fact, it is very easy to get bored, which is a good thing since you do not want to spend too much time in training if you are not enjoying the game.

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