Wild Soul Barbarian

If there is one character from the AD&D game that is most likely to inspire a player to create his own character, it would be the Wild Soul Barbarian. This class was designed with both classes in mind – the fighter wanting to be as strong as possible against monsters and the berserker looking to go all out when it comes to melee combat. It was designed with both players in mind.

When it comes to being a Barbarian, you are brought up from the bottom by your parents. You have the strength of the wild, the ferocity of the woods and the skill of the wild. You have the potential for greatness. Your parents raised you to be this kind of warrior.

While you can play a different class as the Wild Soul Barbarian, the two that are most popular are the Ranger and the Rogue. The Ranger is mostly used for stealthy attacks. With its great aim and weapon mastery skills, it can really help a party or combat the enemy from a distance. In battle, it will often use a variety of weapons including bows, spears, swords and even knives. Some can even create traps and mines. The Ranger has the capability to deal out damage quickly and does so using a variety of techniques.

The rogue, on the other hand, is a class that is highly sought after for those who like to play high action. The rogue can deal out some serious damage in just a few seconds with its weapons and skills. However, it has the tendency to get found out – which leaves the whole group in danger. The rogue can only hide and wait until it can get back out again.

Unlike the Ranger and the Rogue, the Wild Soul Barbarian has more offensive capabilities. It can deal out even more damage in a shorter amount of time. Its weapons allow it to be brutal in its attacks. There are two types of weapons that you can use with this class: maces and wands. They do different things and have different uses.

If you are going to play this type of class, make sure that you have a good inventory. You will need all sorts of healing items – such as healing potions, bandages and prayer books. You’ll also need some food items – such as raw meat, dried meat and fish.

When playing this class, you need to be constantly alert. Do not ever let your back down. Make sure that you back away from melee range or you will regret it. Also, make sure that you have a nice range of archers with you so that you can attack from a safe distance. When in combat, make sure that you always heal yourself first. This is especially true if you play with a tank.

One of the best tips that many players give for playing the Wild Soul Barbarian is to play him in groups. This is a great way to increase the damage that he can deal out. The more people you have targeted him, the more damage he can deal. However, do not play the Wild Soul Barbarian too much as you might lose control of the game. This is a class that you really should only play as part of a group.

In general, the tanking roll that the Wild Soul Barbarian takes is pretty good. However, they can’t stand on their own for very long. So, the best option for them would be to get a pet. So, when playing in groups or going solo, consider either putting a pet on the person that is tanking or on a separate hot key. If you don’t want to get a pet, at least consider having someone that can tank you (or yourself) that can survive while you are healing yourself.

Another tip for playing the Wild Soul Barbarian is to get the spiritmaster trait. With this trait, you will be able to cast a bolt of energy that will do massive amounts of damage to multiple enemies. Plus, it will go straight to the spiritmaster. This makes the Barbarian perfect for group play.

So, if you are interested in playing this Barbarian, then you need to take a look at the class. The bonuses and abilities are great, but the day won’t help much when playing versus a class that doesn’t specialize in it. In a normal battle, the Barbarian will outlast everyone else but don’t expect to hold down a fort with it. The dks are meant to be strong solo players.

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